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Computer-san is one of my best friends so I got to know about anime, manga, fanfiction, and other stuff like, uh, my love for k and j pop, etc. My time is usually spent with books (megane mode) and computer-san. How I got into reading fanfics, hmm, it all started with my discovery of Harry Potter fics when I was eleven. During the PoT phenomenon, I was looking for fanbooks (the 10 and 20 point something) and along the way I met ffnet. There were hundreds of fics, of course! Soon I found a tezufuji fic, I loved it, and the world was happier since then.^_^

Disclaimer: Layout/Header are from PoT djs, Wild Honey by Mizutani Aoi and Koishita Boku ga Ichiban Tsuyoi by Bikke, icons are mostly screen shots and taken from djs and fanarts scattered around the net. I do the colors so no grabbing. :>